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Benvenuti nel nostro CENTRO DI COLLEGAMENTO tra e con i nostri partner, il cuore pulsante delle collaborazioni nel mondo della Bellezza, Salute e Benessere. Questa sezione rappresenta un ecosistema in cui aziende di prestigio si uniscono e condividono le loro competenze per creare sinergie distintive.

Esplori la gamma di imprese specializzate, dall'industria cosmetica al settore del benessere e salute, per trovare il partner ideale per le sue esigenze. Utilizzi il nostro filtro di ricerca per individuare facilmente le aziende in linea con i suoi obiettivi, che lei stia cercando materie prime, servizi di distribuzione, produttori o professionisti del settore.

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Il Beauty, Health & Wellness Partner Hub è un network giovane, in continua crescita, con aggiornamenti giornalieri. Vogliamo che diventi il luogo dove le connessioni prendono vita, le visioni si trasformano in realtà e si aprono nuove opportunità nel vasto panorama della bellezza, salute e benessere.


Dolcepura is a company specialized in producing high-quality dermocosmetics. Its products, developed using advanced chemical-pharmacological techniques, are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients and are designed to support dermatological therapies. The company places a strong emphasis on using ingredients from organic farming and on eco-sustainable production. Their unique formulations include Italian organic lycopene, a potent antioxidant, and are free from parabens, added fragrances, conservants, petroleum derivatives, silicones, dyes, and animal by-products. Dolcepura aims to offer dermocosmetic solutions that effectively combine nature and science.
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NaturaSì, originally named Ariele, was founded in 1985 in Conegliano Veneto as a small organic products store. The founders, inspired by Rudolf Steiner's theories on organic and biodynamic agriculture, created a company that has significantly expanded. In 1992, NaturaSì was established in Verona with the aim of creating a network of organic supermarkets. The company underwent several mergers and acquisitions, evolving into EcorNaturaSì, Italy's leading distributor in the organic and biodynamic sector. Today, the group includes various brands and stores both in Italy and internationally, maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and the quality of organic products.
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Pharmacy Apoteca Natura

Apoteca Natura is a network of pharmacies promoting a health approach focused on respecting the body's physiology and the environment. They stand out as the world's first network of Benefit® Pharmacies and for their B Corp® certification, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. They offer a range of products developed by their network of pharmacists, with a focus on natural ingredients, and provide prevention and consultancy services in various health areas. Additionally, they use a unique system, MyApotecaNatura, to integrate aspects of health, prevention, and product purchasing.
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Antonella Furlan

Antonella Furlan is an innovative hairdresser from Padua who founded 'Nuova Immagine', a salon that stands out for its exclusive use of colouring products free of preservatives and chemical additives. Motivated by a deep passion for the environment and her allergy, Antonella has created a unique offer that combines beauty, health and sustainability. Her ecological commitment is reflected in every aspect of her work, from customised treatments to sustainable salon management, promoting a holistic approach to hair care that respects both the individual and the planet.
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Rubina Cosmesi is a brand dedicated to the creation of natural cosmetics, designed to nourish the skin while celebrating authentic beauty at any age. Founded by Milena, the brand is based on using natural ingredients and innovative techniques such as Face Yoga to promote a pro-aging approach to skincare. Rubina's product line includes facial and body treatments, enriched with grape extracts and resveratrol, known for their powerful antioxidant and revitalizing properties. These ingredients are grown following sustainable practices, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and the environment.

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